Ziva offers for creators

We clearly have a few things in common...

We want to package your soul work into high end courses and scale your business to create limitless abundance!
We want to bring your offerings to life in a way that's in full alignment with your essence, energy and expertise.
We want to channel your energy so you can focus on creating your content and marketing to your followers!

Ziva is a portal for heart-led course creators ~ we help you save time, energy and money by guiding you step-by-step through the creation process.

We turn your content into immersive, engaging and interactive courses that your followers will LOVE.

We can host your courses on the Ziva portal or help you build your own site under your own brand.

The question is: which offering is right for you?

Offer # 1

Design, build and host your course with Ziva
This offer is for you if:
~ You've validated your course idea
~ You have a clear vision for your course
~ You have a strong online following and know how to leverage it
~ You want to avoid the hassle, time, money and energy involved in setting up and managing your own course portal
You are a creator with an abundance mindset, you are self-motivated, and you bring high vibrational energy to your projects!

Offer # 2

Design, build and host courses on your own site
This offer is for you if:
~ You want to create your own course portal / membership site
~ Your plan is to create multiple courses, programs and digital products
~ You have the time / money / team / expertise to manage your own site
But you're unsure where to start and find yourself stuck, unable to move forward.
You need someone to cut through the noise, give you clear advice on the best systems and tools, and help you set up your site!

Offer # 3

Book a Power Hour with Amy to get the ball rolling
This offer is for you if: 
~ You know online courses are the next step for your business, but you don't know where to start or what you need!
~ You're thinking about offer 1 or 2 but want to get clarity BEFORE you commit
~ You have an idea for a course but you don't know how to distil your vision, package your soul work and create an immersive, engaging and interactive learning journey
~ You're unsure whether you need your own course portal or if you'd be better off hosting your courses elsewhere (e.g. with Ziva) 
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