Ziva offers for creators

Offer # 1

Design, build and host your course with Ziva
You know your soul work has the potential to create massive transformation for your followers, and you're ready to co-create an immersive, engaging and interactive course journey with Ziva. 

This offer is for you if: 

  • You've validated your course idea
  • You have a clear vision for your course
  • You have a strong following and know how to leverage it

You are a creator with an abundance mindset, you are self-motivated, and you bring high vibrational energy to your projects!

~ Immersive guided journeys ~

Our plans are intended for journeys anywhere from four weeks to six months in duration... think of this as your high-ticket signature program.

All Ziva plans consist of:

  • Once-off Creation Fee
  • Ongoing Hosting Fee
The Creation Fee (see plans below) covers all costs relating to mapping and designing your course, building it in the Ziva portal, creating all elements to engage your followers, uploading your videos and audio files and delivering a beautiful, polished product that you can sell!
The Hosting Fee (15% of all course enrolments) covers all costs relating to payment gateway fees, subscriptions, technical support for students, troubleshooting, course maintenance, monthly reporting and insights, and ongoing support for you!


Great for smaller programs with more media (video/audio) and less theory
Creation fee:
$3,200 USD
  • 1 x design session with Amy
  • 1 x Course Map
  • 1 x Journey Map
  • 1 x high-converting course sales page
  •  ~~~
  • Course design & build (up to):
  • 8 x automated emails
  • 8 x video uploads
  • 8 x audio uploads
  • 6 x interactive content modules (maximum of 2 x A4 pages each)
  • 6 x intuitive surveys or quizzes
  • ~~~
  • 1 x course review (test & QA)


Our most popular plan ~ super immersive and interactive
Creation fee:
$5,800 USD
  • 2 x design sessions with Amy
  • 1 x Course Map
  • 1 x Journey Map
  • 1 x high-converting course sales page
  • ~~~
  • Course design & build (up to):
  • 8 x automated emails
  • 16 x video uploads
  • 16 x audio uploads
  • 6 x interactive content modules (maximum of 4 x A4 pages each)
  • 6 x intuitive surveys or quizzes
  • 6 x visually designed PDF resources
  • ~~~
  • 2 x course reviews (test & QA)


Best for complex, content heavy programs containing a lot of theory
Creation fee:
$11,800 USD
  • 4 x design sessions with Amy
  • 1 x Course Map
  • 1 x Journey Map
  • 1 x high-converting sales page
  • ~~~
  • Course design & build (up to):
  • 8 x automated emails
  • 32 x video uploads
  • 32 x audio uploads
  • 6 x interactive content modules (maximum of 8 x A4 pages each)
  • 12 x intuitive surveys or quizzes
  • 12 x visually designed PDF resources
  • ~~~
  • 4 x course reviews (test & QA)
1 x course manifestation session with Rosa spink
value: $380 USD
Manifestation is one of the most powerful clearing sessions available!

Working from your crown to root chakra, we'll align each energy centre to the course you are creating, by clearing any emotional blocks.

This grounds you into the purpose of your course so you can flow through the creation process with ease.
access to our sales & marketing tOOLKIT 
If you're working with Ziva, we already know a few things about you...

~ You've validated your course idea
~ You have a strong following 
~ You know how to leverage it!

But in case sales and marketing isn't your zone of genius, we've created a toolkit to support you... let's get the enrolments flowing!
You're a creator, that's why you're here!

But how savvy are you when it comes to creating high quality videos and audio at home?

Do you know the tips and tricks of the trade?

If not, we've created a toolkit that covers everything you need to give your content an edge.

Why host your course with Ziva?

So, why would you choose to host with Ziva vs hosting on your own site?

When you host with Ziva, your ongoing Hosting Fee is 15% of all enrolments which covers all ongoing costs relating to your course as shown below.
  • Ziva's Hosting Fee
  • Other sites (monthly costs)
  • Site subscription
  • Up to $320 USD
  • Course design subscriptions
    We use these tools to make your content immersive, engaging & interactive 
  • Up to $220 USD
  • Direct technical support for your students
    We take the pain out of technical queries & time-consuming troubleshooting
  • Not offered; Approx. 4 hours
  • Course maintenance & updates
    We handle any minor course updates to keep things running smoothing
  • Not offered; Approx. 4 hours
  • Custom reporting & insights
    We create custom reports and provide insights for your business
  • Not offered; Approx. 2 hours
  • Creator support & check-ins
    We schedule regular check-ins with you to track your success and provide loving support
  • Not offered; Approx. 2 hours
  • All included in Ziva's Hosting Fee
  • Ongoing monthly costs:
    Subscriptions: Up to $540 USD
    Transaction fees: Up to 5%
    Time = money: 12 hours

I'm SO ready to apply!

I've validated my course idea and I feel super aligned with the Ziva vision and values. I'm ready to dive in and co-create my course with Ziva.
Working with Amy at Ziva has been an incredible journey all the way through! Amy truly understands the nature of a heart-centered course and how to support creators in bringing their vision to life.

Ziva as a business is the perfect balance of gentle and intuitive support with savvy high-end technical expertise. From finding a price point through meditation, to high level marketing support, Ziva has all bases covered!
Amy's professionalism, skill and passion is incredible and so inspiring, there is no one else I would turn to.
Since working with Ziva I have even been inspired to expand my business vision and up-level my offering, knowing exactly what is possible.
Rhiannon Heins, Intuitive Energy Worker & Channel for Starseeds and Lightworkers

~ Frequently asked questions ~

What's the benefit of co-creating with Ziva vs doing it all myself?

When you co-create with Ziva, you have a team of course design experts to guide you through what can be a very overwhelming process. We help you remove the 'noise' and focus on what really matters, to distil your vision and bring your course to life as quickly and effectively as possible. We love getting creative, so we’ll always be looking for new ways to get the most out of your content. We’re also big on quality, so we make sure your course is polished and beautiful before launch, and we then keep an eye on things to make sure it’s all running smoothly. This allows you to focus on engaging and nurturing your community.

How long will it take to get my course launched with Ziva?

We can have your course ready for launch in as little as six weeks (for the Ignite and Engage plans ~ timelines are negotiated on a case-by-case basis for the Immerse package), but it all comes down to how quickly you can create and handover your content. A timeline for launch will be proposed and agreed to during the co-design workshops.

How quickly can I break even on my upfront investment (i.e. the creation fee)?

Based on our benchmarks, you can break even on your upfront investment in as little as five enrolments but it really depends on your course price. As part of the co-design process, we provide you with guidance and advice on the sale price for your course. You will also channel the price and clear any blocks to do with pricing during your Course Manifestation Session. 

How much is the Hosting Fee and what exactly does it cover?

The Hosting Fee is 15% of all enrolments while your course is hosted on the Ziva portal. 
It covers all costs relating to payment gateway fees (up to 3%), subscriptions, systems and tools, technical support for students, troubleshooting when things go wrong, course maintenance, monthly reporting and insights, and ongoing support for you!

What would I pay if I hosted my course independently?

If you hosted your course independently, using the same systems and tools we use at Ziva (and therefore the same level of quality and the ability to charge the same amount for your course) you would pay the following.

Per month: 
Site fees: Up to $320 USD
Course design tools: Up to $220 USD

Per enrolment:

Transaction fees: Up to 5%

Plus your time and energy (aka money!) to provide technical support, troubleshoot issues, maintain and update your course, etc.

These costs are ongoing regardless of whether you take a break, but with Ziva, if you don't enrol any students, you don't pay any fees! 

Do you offer a payment plan option?

Yes, we can set up a payment plan for you! We negotiate these on a case-by-case basis, but we generally accept an equal three part payment with the first payment required before we kick off the project with you. 

How will people pay for my course?

Once your course is ready for launch, we'll send you a unique course link that you can share with your leads. This will take them to your high-converting sales page on the Ziva platform where they can make their payment, access the course and start their journey.

How and when will I get paid for course enrolments?

At the end of each month, the Ziva team runs a report to check the number of enrolments for each course. From there, we process your payment less the 15% hosting fee and also share the reports with you so you can reconcile your payments and see how your course is tracking.

I'm super keen but still have questions...

I feel this is the right offer for me but I still have questions... I'm not ready to apply just yet.
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