Do you find yourself outsourcing control by placing power in external sources rather than guiding your life from your own inner wisdom and intuition?

Do you wish to become the
ultimate alchemist of your own reality?

Intuitive tarot is a powerful mirror, reflecting back to you the truth you already hold within.

Magic one, you are here because you know there's more to life than the physical and tangible.

We live in a complex, multi-dimensional universe and you are part of that miracle.

  • The wisdom you are seeking is already within you
  • You know your truth, you’ve just forgotten who you are
  • No one can or should make your decisions for you
  • No one can tell you what your purpose is in this life
  • It's time to learn to trust your intuition, your inner compass

Tarot is the perfect divination tool to guide you through the uncertain times we currently face and the awakening stages we all inevitably go through.

An immersive four week journey...

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Take a look inside...

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Highly practical learning

When learning intuitive tarot, practice is everything; in this course I share practical demonstrations and invite you to embed your learning through interactive activities, practices and readings.

Beautifully crafted content

This is not a DIY course design; it's a professionally crafted journey to help you learn, embed and retain knowledge through proven educational strategies and methodologies. We've use a balanced mix of divine wisdom, rich media and a lot of love.

A magical process that works

What I present in The Initiation is the process I followed to teach myself intuitive tarot; it is a download of my own tried and tested process that took me from a total beginner to running a thriving tarot business.

Each week you will receive...

  • A welcome video to set the scene for the week 
  • An interactive content module to delve into the art of intuitive tarot (divine wisdom, video demonstrations and activities)
  • A series of practices to awaken your intuition
  • An interactive journal to keep track of your progress and stay clear on your intentions

I also gift you...

  • Lifetime access to the Tarot Lightcodes, an interactive mini course to help you connect with the meanings of all 78 cards in the tarot deck.
If you are awakening to the truth that you are the creator / alchemist of your own reality...
If you want to deepen your connection to your own intuition...
If you are seeking confirmation for your decisions and life choices...
If you desire to read tarot for yourself, your family and friends...
If you have a dream of one day providing paid tarot readings...

The Initiation is calling... will you follow the call?

A journey jam-packed with value!

Everything I wish I had access to at the start of my own tarot journey...
Over three hours of videos + demos
Weekly practices + reflection to support your learning journey
Easy-to-follow maps, methods + techniques

"The Initiation is so much more than a course... it's a magical journey to another world."

"Bronya not only guides you through the beautiful art of intuitive tarot, she offers you a portal to go within and connect with your deepest self."

"The Initiation is not just a course, it is a journey into discovering who you are as a tarot reader and 
as a spiritual being. I would highly recommend it to one and all. I can't wait to take more courses from Wild Lotus Tarot!"

I’m Bronya Aruna, you may know me as Wild Lotus Tarot

I’ve always believed in magick. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with the mysteries of life and what lies beneath the surface. With a moon in Scorpio, I’m drawn to shadow work and the deeper existential themes. I believe we incarnate on earth for the purpose of soul evolution through expanding our consciousness.
Part of my journey in this lifetime involves guiding others to this truth. Guiding you... 
I am an intuitive Tarot reader, Reiki energy healer and certified new paradigm love, relating and embodiment coach. My own journey of awakening and healing has led me to this path through many twists, turns and lived experiences.
I was guided to intuitive tarot suddenly and unexpectedly through a unique series of synchronicities. I believe that you don’t find tarot, tarot finds you, when the time is right.
With over 50k+ subscribers and close to 5 million views on YouTube, I have proven that you can begin a successful tarot journey at any time (and quickly) if you follow the call.

Kind words from my beautiful tarot clients... 

I can’t thank you enough for your reading! I know I will be using you in the future for more readings as well!! Keep doing what you are doing cause you have such an amazing gift! I can only hope I can be just as great as you! 
Violet, USA
An intuitive Tarot reading was one of the best investments into my wellbeing and alignment with my path forward. Bronya is non-judgemental, personal and warm and has a deep spiritual understanding of the significance of life events and divine timing.
Elizabeth, UK
The reading was exactly spot on... isn't that so crazy how spirit communicates through you in such a perfect way? I am so grateful for your gift and for finding you. You have such a good and pure energy about you... It is why I was so drawn to you. 
This course will help you easily make life decisions with confidence and clarity to move you into alignment with your truth...

It will help you reclaim you power by guiding yourself rather than relying on external sources of confirmation...
It will help you feel empowered and confident knowing you are connecting with your higher self and guiding yourself from this place instead of ego and fear...

Tarot is an amazing tool for gaining clarity and confirmation for the truth we cannot access due to conditioning or fear.

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This course is for you if...

  • You are fascinated by tarot but have never really learned to read the cards
  • You are ready to deepen your connection to your intuition and inner knowing
  • You know the wisdom you seek is already within you
  • You are seeking a tool to confirm your inner guidance
  • You are ready to weave tarot magic into your own life and maybe even offer readings for your family and friends

It's not for you if...

  • You believe you have no control over your reality
  • You only believe in the physical, tangible reality 
  • You are not open to the idea of universal law and energy
  • You believe a tarot deck is just cards and can’t possibly provide guidance
  • You hold negative beliefs about working with divination tools

Magic one...

This course is for you if you want to take the power back in your life. The wisdom you seek is within you, The Initiation gives you the tools to access your truth and use it guide yourself to your best life path.
Receive the most powerful guidance by unlocking your inner wisdom and connecting to Source.
This course holds everything you need to know to get started reading intuitive tarot. You will learn how to perform simple readings for yourself, your family and friends with confidence and creativity.

Come on a journey of magick... Join me in The Initiation today.

Everyone has a unique gift, you simply need to find yours

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