• Are you ready to become your own healer...?

  • Are you ready to connect back to your radiant, flowing, feminine essence....?

  • Are you ready to feel deep trust in the womb's processes, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and birth....?

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The path to oneself...

As women, our menstrual cycle brings with it the gift of a deep connection; to mother nature, the moon, the divine feminine.  
This gift allows us, as women, the opportunity to evolve through self awareness and self realisation each month ~ the chance to raise our consciousness by connecting to Shakti energy. 
Sacred menstruation is the embodiment of the ebb and flow through the month ~ the waxing and waning. Each part of our cycle contains a gift, with potent healing power.
Together, let us reclaim our sacred feminine essence... the gift of sacred menstruation... the path to onself.

Sacred menstruation is a spiritual practice ~ your body is the temple, your blood the sacrament. 


My offering to you...

In this immersive journey, I offer you the tools to embody, reconnect and re-member the sacred seasons of the menstrual cycle.

Over four weeks we will tap into the magic of each moment with invocations, breathwork, yoga, rituals, activations and journaling.
  • Invocation & light language meditations
  • Potent video transmissions with Holliea
  • Downloadable resources to keep
  • Breathwork practices with me, Holliea Fairleigh
  • Yoga practices with Anna Townsend
  • Online journal entries
  • Bonus activations and practices
Plus a special bonus for you...
  • Lifetime access to The Shakti Temple community ~ a safe space to show up, ask questions and receive support from our online tribe.

Welcome home beautiful,
I'm Holliea Fairleigh

My soul's purpose is to guide women back to their own innate healing wisdom, the ancient knowledge that is locked up within them. 
For ten years I've been on this deep journey, and for eight years I've dedicated my life to this work. Many women have experienced different results through my work depending on their intention, from their cycle returning after years of no bleed, pregnancy after years of trying, a deeper connection to their bleed, or a pain free, enjoyable cycle. Anything is possible when you are willing to do the work and implement the ancient practices.
I truly believe that a sacred menstrual cycle, conception, pregnancy and birth is a woman's birthright! The health of our next generation is in our hands. Our personal healing determines the future on so many levels. 
Join me and be part of the change. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Introducing your yoga guide, Anna Townsend

Anna is a yogini and shamanic healer, passionate about activating the feminine within and anchoring it into the Earth.
Her love for this work has also led her to training in the realm of birthwork as a doula.
Anna is a co-founder of the Hemp Temple ~ a clothing business and community healing space ~ and her work on earth is focussed on clearing blocks that are in the way of reaching your highest potential.
Anna facilities and holds loving space for individuals to remember their essence selves. Her yoga practice is focused on being restorative and cyclical, in attunement with a woman’s hormonal cycle.

Our body has all the tools to heal, we just have to listen...


I've been where you are...

I've been through the struggle of ill health, painful menstruation, disconnection to the feminine, drowning in a masculine society, trying to keep up... trying to be something I'm not.
It back-fired and the universe pushed me into radical self care, study and embodiment of the feminine. 

My healing crisis came at a young age. At 21 I had hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome, as well as other precursor ailments, anxiety and depression. After coming off the pill, I had no menstrual cycle for three years and struggled to find support through the western medical system, even naturopathy. I received no answers, only more scripts and pills. I was also told it would be difficult for me to conceive when the time came and that my condition was 'normal'.
Heavy, depressed and disconnected I began to seek answers through my own study. Healing began through yoga, which lifted the symptoms of the ailments and gave me clarity, awareness and connection.
I then found Ayurveda, my foundation; the ancient medical system that originated in India. This ignited my passion for herbal medicines and daily self care practices, leading me to study to become an Ayurvedic practitioner with Dr Ajit in NZ.
Fascinated with women's health, the study continued through my own journey to healing, exploring many modalities and variations of healing the wounded feminine. ☽☥☾
I have experienced conscious conception and a blissful birth through studying with Clare Blake at Fertility Massage in the UK, and Jane Hardwicke Collings at the School of Shamanic Womancraft.
The wisdom and guidance is within us, we just have to re-member.

Working with Holliea

#changed my life

"Holliea has beyond changed my life. My cycle that used to be very unpredictable is now a set amount of normal days and enjoyable, something I NEVER thought possible. And all by implementing the beautiful self healing practices she recommends. I couldn't thank her more. Holliea is a beautiful, healing soul that I'm so grateful my own soul found!"
"This course has allowed me to align with my primal self. I felt like I went back to the basics and now my body is thanking me for putting Holliea's teachings into practice. My soul recognized these practices and invited them in with ease. I am glad to have this resource to refer to when needed. I recommend this for every woman who is looking to explore, heal, and thrive in their bodies. Thank you so much Holliea!"
"It's amazing that I can access the videos and all the information at any time, from anywhere, for life! I would totally recommend this to my friends. I have done it already!!! Thank you for your passion, Holliea. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and thank you for being so professional in sharing it. All my love from the other side of the world."

This course is for you if...

  • You feel disconnected from your femininity
  • You want to deepen your connection to self
  • You want to learn about the ancient ways
  • You want to learn practices to honour yourself
  • You are ready to heal yourself and your womb
  • You are ready to reconnect to your blood and body



"When women give their blood back to the earth, men will come home from war and the earth shall find peace"

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